I wrote this article four years ago, last April 2O16. At that time, a steel factory discharged waste and caused fishermen in many central provinces. Then they blatantly ask us what to choose, steel or fish?
Now, right now, farmers in the West are suffering with the lack of fresh water and the price of rice is uncertain by the import and export policy. That is not to mention the epidemic.
In his homeland, the farmer is always the most miserable. Whereas in any society, at any moment in the course of history, the farmer should have been happy. Because they directly create products, consume themselves and at the same time provide for the needs of the rest.
When farmers are satisfied with the job they choose, the products we consume are the result of joy and faith, not misfortune or deception. The closest result is that we, as consumers, will not have to doubt the foods we eat every day. We will know that everything we eat, even as small as a grain of rice, is created out of gratitude to the motherland.
Like trees that nourish nature, farmers feed humans. And neither of these groups are getting the positions they should have been in.
These days, you stay at home because of social isolation requirements. Everyday life can be a bit messy, work is a bit hard, but at least you still have food, water, and air to breathe, the internet to chat or Netflix to watch. But there are some people who do not, most of them farming.
On those same days, people started rushing to buy stored food, the stalls in markets or supermarkets were all exhausted, and quickly filled the next morning.
So what if you wonder what if tomorrow those counters were suddenly empty because nothing could be filled up there?
So I think you should start to learn and make specific choices for yourself, the earth is clearly not patient enough with humankind. And no matter what hometown you choose, we all have only one ground to live in. There is no real tangible border, the plague proves it.
Today I'm still asking the same question, what do you stick with when it comes to choices.
It's not natural that something bigger than all of us suddenly happens, not suddenly this epidemic appears, puts you in the house and tells you that we can fall. Maybe a bad situation tomorrow. It is a reminder that has been sent out consistently and consistently in the past.
But you refused to listen or give it proper attention. During that time, what did you, I, we, really ask about?

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