Until early this day the studio discovered that the whole office today no one is working. If you think about it, it seems like everyone will get some day off. It's fine, to have a quiet early morning sitting and painting in the aroma of fresh, passionate coffee.

I don't know since when I forget all the days, forget the holidays, I only know that I am living in time and work that I am engrossed in, knowing that every day opening my eyes, seeing the sun outside the window is once more alive to continue. the custom of plugging in unfinished things, until I looked up, I realized that the sun was hiding behind the street corners, the night covered the blocks of houses.

There are people who live with the mindset of day-to-day preparation, just looking or waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves. So is the heroic era. That is fine, but what is better is that instead of the opportunity, the goal is to find yourself, find a place to stay, and find meaning for a finite existence in an infinite flow of time.

Actually, I think, in the world there is no such thing as opportunity. Whoever tries hard will get back there, maybe not what they want, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it. On the contrary, waiting or searching is of no value if you persistently cannot determine who you are and where to exist.

So, the loser is the one who lets go. Is letting go, not choosing to let go, because success is determining your own life.

And the other successful things that you can grasp, will also pass if one day stops waking up. Or woke up in a daze that could not answer why.

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